Out Reach Activities

CATO is always ready to help schools, youth organizations, scouts, and anybody who wants to learn about and/or participate in the adventure called sport rocketry. CATO will bring launch equipment, range volunteers, and a solid knowledge of sport rocketry to your group. We can also help your organization arrange for the purchase of rocketry supplies if your event includes building and flying your own rockets. Typical types of events include:

  • Exhibition Launches - where we come to your event and perform launches that are suitable to your location.

  • Build and Fly - We assist you is acquiring rockets and  motors. Then you can either build your rockets

  • Teaching Sessions

  • Speaking Sessions

If you would like to hold a rocketry event and think the CATO team could assist you, please feel free to drop us a line. We can easily be reached by e-mail.

Some basic facts before you contact us

  1. All events are held in accordance with the safety rules as set forth by the National Association of Rocketry

  2. We will be happy to run the launch. However watching your young folks is your responsibility.

  3. We do not charge for our help. However we will work for food.

  4. If you need help acquiring rockets or supplies - ask! We have inside contacts at several good suppliers.

  5. We do have insurance to assist in covering our activities.

  6. Absolutely no alcohol is permitted at any activity we support

  7. We do need access to the launch site for our range equipment trailer.