Durham, CT Launch Site

The Durham launch site now supports limited high power launches in addition to model and mid-power rocketry.
Please see the section below for the restrictions we place on high power launches.

Model and Mid-Power Limits

  • Max Takeoff Weight - 1500g (3.3 lbs)
  • Max single motor average thrust - 80 N
  • Max single motor impulse - 160 Ns
  • Max total (Cluster) motor impulse - 320 Ns
  • Max propellant weight - 125 g
  • Altitude limit - 3000 ft

High Power Rules and Limits

  • Maximum loaded impulse : < 640Ns (that's one I motor)
  • Exception to above : A J motor may be used in a 'draggy odd rock' (stealth, saucer, etc)
  • Maximum altitude : 2000 ft (single deploy) and 2500 ft (dual deploy)
  • ALL high power flights must have PRINTED simulation results
  • ALL high power flights will be RSO'ed by a Level 2 or 3 CATO Board member
  • No high power Sparkys (due to fire hazard and noise)

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